On 2020, the first full length album recorded at the infamous Chateau d’Herouville in France since its closure in 1985, Starr explores a year which none of us will soon forget. Having said of the album “I feel like this is us at our most blunt, I certainly haven’t felt very poetic this last year. I’ve been writing about what is right in front of me and have chosen to eschew beauty for the raw reality of what has been happening in NYC this year.” 2020 is a genre hopping, time traveling whirlwind with heavy depth and impeccable range which is set very firmly in the surreal and manic time we are living in. The music and lyrics found within equal the surreal with the subtlely psychedelic, the manic with a frantic talent.

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Brion Starr talks to Weirdo Music Forever about the album, future plans and more.