Adult Books’ album ‘Grecian Urn’ out now!

Adult Books is finally ready to share their sophomore LP, Grecian Urn. Recorded with Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers) and mastered by Dave Cooley (Ariel Pink, Animal Collective, J Dilla), Grecian Urn was crafted over the course of nearly two years; however, the seeds of the album were sown more than a decade earlier. When sitting down to write Grecian Urn, Winfrey revisited old demos, forgotten voice memos and unfinished fragments of songs to create something wholly new.
The end result is a self-assured and intensely personal album that places Winfrey’s evocative images and economic storytelling approach front and center. A loose concept album of sorts, Grecian Urn draws on classical Mediterranean imagery and mythos as a means of exploring Winfrey’s past traumas and struggles with chronic anxiety. While the album itself may be focused on histories both large and small, Adult Books once again seem to have their eyes set on the future.

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