Adult Books releases single after 4 years

Single ‘Innocence’ is the first new song by Adult Books (LA, California) after almost 4 years!

‘Innocence’ is about the end of a relationship and being unable to set boundaries with an emotionally demanding ex. The song plays on the idea of sacrifice within romantic relationships – the ways we sacrifice our energy, our happiness, our own well-being.

The song’s bridge (“Guild my horns before the altar, wrap the fat round all my bones”) describes an ancient Greek sacrificial ritual. As part of the ceremony, a priest would often paint the sacrificial bull’s horns gold. After slaughtering the bull, the participants would wrap the animal’s fat around its bones and burn them as an offering, keeping the actual meat – the truly valuable part of the bull – for themselves.

Cover artwork by ​Jeff Fribourg ​and ​Mattea Perrotta​.

Stream here