Singing with an enigmatic allure, CHILLEMI’s style paints with broad strokes of cinematic themes. His sonic palette is filled with hypnotic pulses of love, lust and dust all wrapped up in a fever dream. The solo project of Brian Chillemi (Rose Cologne) has evolved from touring the US and Europe over the last 10 years. After moving to Los Angeles from his native home of New York City just months before the pandemic, CHILLEMI has set his sights on a more refined sound pulling from influences such as Lee Hazlewood and Nick Cave.

His debut album ‘With Woman’ is set for release in late April 2021 on Taxi Gauche Records.

“A bluesy, sultry combination of folk and psychedelia, CHILLEMI is an electric cowboy wired with sincerity and an alluring air of mystery.” Alt Citizen

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