First single ‘Yes It Is’ by ‘Mary Vision’

Brooklyn’s based Mary Vision released their first single ‘Yes It Is’ off their debut album (release early 2020). The psychedelic song was premiered by Ears To Feed:

“There exists an inherent melancholy in the soul’s quest for companionship, for purpose, whether in the sense of restless ghostly wanderings before an admittance to eternity, or in the more corporeal form of the search for love. Take your pick on Brooklyn sextet Mary Vision’s track “Yes It Is,” off their forthcoming album Highway, out early next year via Taxi Gauche Records. The opening chords alone, alternating in isolation, resonate with the clarity of lifelong desire unfulfilled. There’s almost a reluctance in their strumming, each string irked out distinctively, as though to play them is to cross a threshold beyond the comfort of the self. However, the entrance of the rest of the band—a beautifully ever-descending bassline and abiding drums—instills a sense of warmth, of solidarity. A warble of organ nostalgia oscillates calmly behind a velvet curtain, its hum combing the grounds for connection, human or otherwise.
“I’m swimming around the dirt roads here,” frontman Alex Fippinger croons, his wilted rasp in good company with the rest of the proficiently melancholic instrumentals. “…searching for gasoline.” Interludes drift into and out of soloing guitar and the coolheaded rhythm section and the whole thing takes to the sky, the soul’s eye now with a bird’s view. The caravan slows to a halt and the hope is for solace, but what purpose will our protagonist serve now?”

Listen to the song here.