Single ‘Florence’ and full album announcement

With single ‘Florence’ LA based band ‘Adult Books’ announces their sophomore album ‘Grecian Urn’, which will be released on April 26th via Taxi Gauche Records.

This song was inspired by some time singer Nick Winfrey spent in Florence, Italy, several years back. He was on the verge of entering a relationship with someone who was very far away at the time, and the experience of being in a foreign city all alone magnified the sense of uncertainty and anxiety that often accompanies getting to know a new person.

He remembers walking around the city for hours and feeling the weight of its history very intensely. The city center is this network of narrow alleyways, and in the late afternoon, the streets have a smoky orange glow and the old stone buildings reverberate with the echoes of indistinct voices. It felt incredibly beautiful yet also incredibly lonely.

For the video, traveling back to Florence was obviously out of Adult Books’ budget and out of the question, so the band decided to go a completely different route and make it a full homage to LA – the incongruous mix of oceans and industry, airplanes and palm trees. For that they turned to South Bay guru Tony Accosta. His love of the city is palpable, and driving around to different spots with Accosta was a lot of fun because he always makes it a bit of a history lesson.

Cover artwork by Jeff Fribourg and Mattea Perrotta.

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