Jenn Hutt

Jenn Hutt is a musician and composer from Baltimore living in France. Violinist by training, she also plays electronic machines, electric bass and her voice.
Her organic and experimental approach to music drives her to write for cinema, documentary, theatre,performance and installation. She often works with experimental electronic and electroacoustic music, incorporating her voice and violin. So did she for her latest work, ‘Still Waters’.

Still Waters is a composition for Bianca Bondi’s installation of the same name at the Parvis Centre d’Art Contemporain in Tarbes, France.

Bianca’s installation was inspired by the occult practice of Scrying, the ancient art of revelation that uses our second sense to connect to the invisible world, with the help of a reflective surface such as a mirror, the surface of water, a crystal ball…The space was transformed into a place meant to inspire divination, peace, meditation.

The Still Waters soundtrack explores the feeling of consciousness moving into unconsciousness and vice versa. The piece travels between the two states freely, inviting the listener to gain insight in both the known and the unknown, the visible and the invisible, the light and the dark, the natural and the unnatural.

Our terrestrial existence, its animals and elements, are the inevitable backdrop, inspiring, comforting, but in constant evolution. Still the Waters to see what lies beyond, while accepting that the water will never stay still forever.

The soundtrack is an electroacoustic composition using field recordings (from the Parvis and surrounding countryside of Tarbes in the Pyrenees mountains in France), a synthesizer or two, and voice.



Upcoming shows

Currently, Bianca Bondis installations can be visited at the following places:

Fondation Louis Vuitton (Paris, France) from 22.09.2021 to 24.01.2022
Solo Show at Gallery Mor Charpentier (Paris, France) from 09.10.2021