Kyle Avallone

While establishing himself in the NYC music scene playing with artists like Cut Worms and Shilpa Ray, Kyle Avallone began working at home on what would become his new solo project, a dark and moody world where he could investigate the layers of romantic turmoil, hedonistic habits, and ordinary life. His scuzzed out tower of songs take you on a late night escapade littered with neon signs, bathroom debauchery, and 3AM rendezvous. You could be nightclubbing in Berlin with the ghost of Rowland S. Howard, or zig zagging across the floor of the Black Lodge with holes in your loafers, a tear in your dress. This is a sleazy offering of Casiotones covered in barroom smoke and crimson cabaret light. These songs are a mirror in a motel where you only like the way you look if you’ve had enough to drink.

Kyle Avallone’s debut LP will be out this year on Taxi Gauche Records. The first singles, ‘Somewhere You Can’t Find Me’, ‘Borrowed Spell’ and ‘Cruise Control’ are out now.

‘A glimpse into the indulgent nights that many are longing for, Avallone’s vocals make allusion to rooms framed in smudgy twilight and conjures images of dirty mirrors that evoke that desire to disappear for days on end.’ So Young Magazine

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