Mary Vision

For Alex Fippinger, frontman of 7-piece New York City psych band ‘Mary Vision’, blues, post-punk and gospel go hand in hand. With Yukary Morishima on bass, Jack Dawson on keys, Guido Colzani on drums and Aaron Peart, Max Braun and Mark Perro on guitars, minimalism is maximized and songs are carried through a gauntlet of texture.

MV is a high all of its own, running the gamut between volatile eccentricity and subdued bliss. Alex shines on in leading the band through this sonic voyage, drawing influence from Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Anton Newcombe and Alan Vega.

Their first record, ‘Highway’, comes out in February 2020 via Zurich’s Taxi Gauche Records.  It is a lucid contemplation of personal discovery, drawing inspiration from the void of the America’s spiritual, physical and cultural landscape.

Mary Vision will be touring the West Coast in support of this debut record, in April of 2020.

‘Go stand outside when it’s sticky hot and you’re emotionally drained from grad school, weird polycules, and your past trauma. Light up a joint, or maybe a cigarette, take a deep breath and press play on this record.’ Post-Trash

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