New single & video by Annie Taylor: ‘Where The Grass Is Greener’

The new song is a cool, laid-back Indie Rock corker and quite the perfect soundtrack for a lush summer evening with your loved ones somewhere on a rooftop with a bucket full of cold drinks. Despite the song sounding so light-hearted it discusses a rather serious topic: How to deal with drastic changes in life and learning to accept such circumstances.

The sensitive singing in the first two verses is complemented by the strong chorus and one takes it from vocalist Gini Jungi that she doesn’t have to be dazzled anymore. ​’I found my way out, and I’m not coming down.’​ Jungi’s gripping vocal delivery is accompanied by pleasant guitar riffs, peppered with subtle distortion and a driving rhythm and bass section.

It is no coincidence that the quartet has chosen to work with a Californian videographer for the visualisation of the song. Gini says: ​”‘Where The Grass Is Greener’ began to take shape in Palm Springs, California, after I accidentally attended a drum circle evening, which unexpectedly turned into an evening of unexpected fun, and somehow I felt peaceful and relieved after that levitating night”.​ The group wanted to encapsulate said feeling and without further ado Tony Accosta (Los Angeles) got commissioned to make a clip for the song, all filmed on Super 8.

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Check out the super cool video here: