Calvin Love
Highway Dancer (LP)


‘Highway Dancer’ was the latest addition to Calvin Love’s catalog of cerebrally-crafted, atmospheric indie pop, before his b-side and rarities album ‘Night Song’ came out via Taxi Gauche Records a year ago. The album stems from the same period of songwriting as his 2017 EP ‘Ecdysis’, and encapsulates the observations and inspiration from Love’s life on the road. ‘Highway Dancer’ is now re-issued on eco-coloured marble vinyl.

1. Soundtrack of My Dreams
2. You Got Me Runnin’
3. Highway Dancer
4. The Coin, The Stick, The Take
5. Dreams Keep Callin’
6. What is Reality?
7. A Thousand Years
8. Shadows
9. No Goodbyes
10. Prairie Thunder Jazz Dream
11. Wildflower