Rainbow Machine x Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus

‘Rainbow Machine’, the first release after more than 3 years is a vision of the end times. The dystopian 5-minute track describes in a calm, psychedelic way the end of the world, like in an eerie fairy tale (“Black horses collapsing in slow motion, Birds are falling slowly into the ocean”). Remarkable fuzz guitars during an astonishing solo interlude underline the doom mood.

From Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus we have always been accustomed to captivating and effectful equipped psych rock tunes to our hearing. With ‘Rainbow Machine’ we still get this vintage sound, yet the new single appears in a bright and modern sound: Recorded and produced by the band’s own Jakob Läser and mixed by mastermind Jari Altermatt (Navel, Mr. Ray), the distorted riffs and crisp drum sounds characterize a dreamy landscape while the world gets ruined throughout the track.

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