‘Evil Eye’ – last single off debut album by CHILLEMI

Last single ‘Evil Eye’ taken off debut album ‘With Woman’ is out today.
Two lovers with the world against them; feel the Evil Eye burn, burn…

The evil eye is an ancient symbol of jealousy, contempt and wishing if ill will on others. The song is a duet featuring Nasa Hadizadeh of Rose Cologne that draws the listener in with a hypnotic melody line “Feel the evil eye burn, burn..”  Conveying a feeling of a raft out to sea, rainstorms become showers of tears and the source of all life – the sun – turns into the Evil Eye itself, beaming anger and jealousy at two vulnerable lovers left at the mercy of the ocean.

Brian Chillemi in his own words: “I wrote Evil Eye during a very tumultuous time in my personal life and had to convey what I was feeling, in some way, to better understand it. Having a shared experience, along with some lyrical assists, the duet evolved and is the first time Nasa and I sang together.”

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