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TDRLP01 Tesla Death Ray Verveine Illusion LP 13.07.2018 Buy
TGR001 The Solar Temple Flowing Free 7″ 23.11.2018 Buy
TGR002 Brion Starr Global Identity LP 03.05.2019 Buy
TGR003 Dawns Mystery Before Life At The Seaground LP 24.05.2019 Buy
TGR004 Brion Starr The Heart Is A Loaded Gun 7″ 26.04.2019 Buy
TGR005 Annie Taylor Not Yours! EP 26.04.2010 Buy
TGR006 Tracy Bryant Drag 7″ 14.06.2019 Buy
TGR007 Tracy Bryant Hush LP 30.08.2019 Buy
TGR008 Far Coast Outside LP 15.11.2019 Buy
TGR Giant Moa Talksleeping Tape 15.11.2019 Buy
TGR009 Alas The Sun You And Your Love LP 25.10.2019 Buy
TGR010 Brion Starr Rope Memories LP 21.12.2019 Buy
TGR011 Calvin Love Night Songs LP 07.02.2020 Buy
TGR012 Mary Vision Highway LP 14.02.2020 Buy
TGR013 Kyle Avallone Last Minute Man LP 05.06.2020 Buy
TGR014 Annie Taylor Sweet Mortality LP 04.09.2020 Pre-Order
TGR015 Tesla Death Ray TBA EP 2020 Pre-Order
TGR016 Sam Himself Slow Drugs EP 18.09.2020 Pre-Order