Lucien Badoux

Coming from a family of artists and musicians, Badoux started to take bass guitar lessons at the tender age of eight. Back in the days, true to his favorite Beatle Paul McCartney his instrument was a Höfner bass. Nevertheless, a few years later Badoux joined the somewhat harder band Gunhead, which at the time was making a name for itself in Zurich as a crossover cover band.

At the age of 13 he toured with the neo-psychedelic bands The Saint Tangerine Convention and Elegua, in which he played the Wurlitzer piano and gave numerous concerts all over Switzerland. He also took lessons in guitar and piano and taught himself how to play drums and flute. His first solo songs were recorded in his bed during a prolonged illness, released on Soundcloud as ‘poopie dough’, a collection of strange feverish synth pop songs.

The engagement as singer and guitarist in Mord Fuzztang brought him – before the inevitable live performance break in 2020 – to inspirational cities like Hamburg or Berlin. At this time, Lucien Badoux is focusing on his role as singer and bass player of the band Wueh! and co-initiator of the Sonderclub Kollektiv.



‘So young and yet already so inspiring. I love how far Badoux’s DIY attitude has taken it already.’ Piet Alder, TGR

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