Pablo Infernal announce new album with single ‘Sunshine’

With their last single ‘Please Release Me’, the four-piece from Zurich delivered an explosive song that is bursting with energy. Second single ‘Sunshine’ is quite the opposite; an unusually sensual song that reveals a surprisingly new side of Pablo Infernal! The band also announces the release of their third full-length ‘Mount Angeles’, due out on September 17th via Taxi Gauche Records.
Pablo Infernal’s comeback with ‘Please Release Me’, their most daring and aggressive single to date, is now being completed by their new release ‘Sunshine’, the probably dreamiest and most intimate song ever heard by the band. ‘Sunshine’ dazzles the listener gently with time, space and a pleasant Beatles-esque touch. Normally known for sophisticated Rock’n’Roll with powerful vocals, Pablo Infernal prove that they also excel in what can be defined as Pop music.
‘Sunshine’ is a heart-warming listen, but it also comes in an alluring package for the eyes. Director Adrian Asllani is responsible for the music video that accompanies the single. The black-and-white masterpiece was filmed in Engelberg in Switzerland, where the song was also written and recorded. The sensual pictures of the band light-heartedly playing behind two girls interacting in a bathtub are currently nominated for best music video by various film festivals (i.e. New York International Film Awards and Los Angeles Film Awards).