Taxi Gauche Records, Ikarus Records, La Suisse Primitive and all its bands stand together against any form of racism and discrimination. Without equality there is no tomorrow for all of us. We know that currently it’s not just about fun and entertainment with our new releases. We want to stand with all people being oppressed and discriminated every day on individual or structural level.

Therefore all Swiss bands on the three indie labels together decided to donate the complete funds (100%) of records, merchandise and digital sales to Vo Da today. ‘Mir Sind Vo Da’ is an organization based in Zurich, Switzerland who addresses the issues of discrimination and racism and clearly names incidents.

Remember, the most important thing is that situations concerning discrimination of any kind must be addressed in everyday life!

We hereby hope that some money will be raised to support an amazing organization. Thanks for all your help!

Taxi Gauche RecordsIkarus Records and La Suisse Primitive

For Taxi Gauche Records, all Swiss bands are: Alas The Sun, Annie Taylor, Dawns Mystery, Far Coast, Giant Moa, Sam Himself, Tesla Death Ray and Temple Solaire.